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All classes and workshops are:

RM50 (each, per class) for students
RM100 (each, per class)  for everyone else

UPDATED: Jay Tablante’s Masterclasses are cancelled. He does have a talk (Free) on Sunday! Details here The new schedule is there too.

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So what masterclasses and workshops are there?

Zid – Part 1: How to Draw & Colour Digitally

  • This would be the entry point where I will only touch on the technical side of the creative process.
  • It is targeted towards groups who are unfamiliar with digital art, those who are starting out or considering the medium or whoever are curious to know the steps taken to create digital art.
  • I will demonstrate my approach in step-by-step from drawing on paper, scanning, digital drawing/inking and colouring the work in different styles (simple flat colours & painted)

Zid – Part 2: Being Significant – Giving Essence to Your Work

  • This is aimed towards the initiated. However, those who are more towards the group above can still benefit from this segment of the workshop.
  • Less technical, more on the intrinsic process of image-making.
  • I will touch on how artists can create a work that is not purely eyecandy (sickening pinup types e.g. girl with guns, girl with a giant robot, girl with a dragon) but has content.
  • Consequently this part of the workshop can help give ideas to artists who are going through an art block and how they can break from it.

Faezal Tan: Let’s Bring Out The Hero In You

For kids.
Duration:1 hour

Using everyday items/objects to create your own hero! We will look into ordinary everyday items (such as bottle, tooth brush, table lamp etc…) and turn it into extraordinary characters!

  1. Participants will be given sample of diverse household products or everyday items.
  2. Participants will use the combination of two or more objects to create their own characters.
  3. Display and discussion session.


  1. Color Pencils, Crayons,
  2. A3 size drawing block
  3. 2B pencils
  4. Eraser
  5. Sharpener

Faezal Tan: Shape Your Characters!

Duration: 1.5hours
Using basic or abstract shape as fundamental exploration towards creating great and memorable character design.

  1. Introduction to basic and abstract shape in creating memorable character design.
  2. Create your own abstract shape and explore the possibilities of creating your own characters from these basic abstract shapes.
  3. Display, Critic/discussion session.


  1. Drawing Pens (fine – medium size points or calligraphic points)
  2. Pencil Drawing (2B, etc…)
  3. Eraser
  4. Color and Greyscale Markers (if they have these marker sets, they don’t have to bring chinese Ink and brush)
  5. A3 layout paper or drawing block
  6. Chinese Ink
  7. Brush (Medium size)

Kevin Wong- Game Art – Freeform Digital Head Sculpting

Always wanted to create your own sculpture? Never get a chance to play around with clay? Join in the workshop for an introduction to digital sculpting using ZBrush, whereby you will be guided to sculpt your own character head model using basic functionalities of ZBrush. Get your hands dirty without the dirt!

Materials: Graphics tablet recommended.

BuZZ- Game Design – Create Your Own Game Level

Always wanted to create your own level for a multiplayer shooter game? Afraid of the complexity of level editors? Don’t fret; join in the workshop for an introduction to level design for a multiplayer shooter game, whereby you will be exploring gameplay elements such as spawn points, weapon pickups, power-ups and etc to create your own game level. What are you waiting for?!

Materials: A heart for shooter game recommended.

BuZZ- Game Technology – Code Shoot’Em Up in 60 minutes

Always curious of the inner workings of a game? Been wanting to pickup programming to make your own game? Well, join in the workshop for an introduction to game programming using Microsoft XNA, whereby you will be guided to learn the ropes within 60 minutes to make your own shoot’em up. It is NOW or never!

Materials: Brains containing basic mathematic knowledge recommended.

Who’s Teaching

Faezal “Tan” Muniran

Faezal have been working independently on various comics and short story projects since 2008. In 2009, he completed his creator owned comic project entitled ‘The Time Mission’. His 2010 WIRES* comics, with Pier Gajewski and Nele Broenner ( have garnered The Best Self-Published Comics at the Pekomik Award 2011. His collaboration work in ‘Zulqar9 And The Secret Wonder of Andalusia’ ( have also won several international awards. His exploration in comics range from all theme and genre such as Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Superhero and adventure, and occassionally Supernatural and Mystery. He is currently completing his latest digital comics project entitled Evening Rumours: The Legend of Selat Tebrau.


Zid (Mohammad Yazid Kamal Baharin) is a multidisciplinary artist trained in the fine arts.
He majored in painting and is a professional comic artist. Born in 1983 and growing up in the 80s, his visual style is heavily influence by the elements that evokes memory of the particular era, particularly music.Practicing art in the digital age, he works in both real and digital media.

Bazil Akmal

Bazil Akmal is the current Chapter Coordinator for International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Malaysia. He also worked for many years as a programmer at John Galt Games and is credited with titles such as Bottle Buster (2008) by Elephant Entertainment. Bazil’s credentials include; winner of the MSC-IPCC Computer Game Design Competition 2007, a panel judge for MSC-Malaysia Kre8Tif Industry Awards 2009 & 2010 as well as an appointed panellist for the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Industry – Academia Panel for Game Development.

Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong, a former 3D artist from Igloo Digital Arts. During his stint with Igloo, he was credited with titles such as Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (2010) by SEGA and Afro Samurai (2009) by Namco Bandai Games America.



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